Wagashi Gallery


Various wagashi (Japanese-style sweets) are made and served with tea, depending on the season. These are examples of wagashi made by Matsui-sensei.


Spring Field Sakura ga Sumi Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom Leaves Sakura Mochi Sakura Mochi Jouyo Manjuu


Hydrangea Hydrangea Momoyama Hydrangea Fuyou Mokuge Summer Morning Glory Morning Glory Milky Way Ryo Clam Fireflies Orihime Playing in the river Water surface Green Maple Leaf


Hint of a moon Moon watching Persimmon Mochi Pumpkin Chestnut Manjuu Chrysanthemum Autumn Voice of Autumn Changing Leaves Mountain Path in Autumn Mountain Path in Autumn


Christmas Tree New Year Celebration Red and White Flower Petal Mochi Yuzu Dorayaki Rolls Cube Cake Camelia Camelia Melting Snow